International Guest Lecture

Thursday, 17th November 2022

“We believe that modern medical profession is no longer subject to hospital based professional work only.”

The above sentence was stated by the Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine, Dr. dr. H. Delyuzar Harris, Sp.PA(K), in his welcoming speech to Sara Bromander, MD, PhD during International Guest Lecture held on Thursday, 17th November 2022. The guest lecture program was held at Faculty Hall and was attended by over a hundred participants. Participants vary; from medical students, resident doctors, to post graduate students, all enthusiastically gathered to attend the lecture. The lecture was delivered by Sara Bromander, MD, PhD -currently the chief officer and program director of Forensic Psychiatry, Gothernburg University, Sweden.

International Guest Lecture

In her lecture, Sara Bromander, MD, PhD explained that the field of forensic psychiatry started as an obscure and small group of psychiatrists who dedicated their efforts to the study of mental conditions among prisoners and their treatment. It is transforming the practice of psychiatry and has made deep incursions into the workings of the law. These activities range from the development and implementation of mental health legislation to helping the mentally ill offenders to navigate in the social systems, and the protection of human rights of mentally disordered offenders and the mentally ill in general. Dr. Sara also emphasized that everyone is held culpable by law and that mental disorders are not meant to be the escape goat from being held responsible.

The guest lecture went very well and questions filled in during the discussion section. Prof. Dr. dr. Elmeida Effendy, M.Ked., Sp.KJ(K), moderator of the program, stated that forensic psychiatry is still limited but surely is growing and the needs for forensic psychiatry expertise are increasingly expanding, not only in the context of medico-legal, but also to help preparing  these mentally disordered offenders once they return to society.

Today’s guest lecture again has proved the commitment of Faculty of Medicine in ensuring excellent continuing medical education. The program may even open up more opportunities for collaborative research or joined fellowship program in the future.